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Lemaitre - Keep Close. It’s going to take me a few more minutes to fully process the fact that Daft Punk released the album that single handedly sparked a bloodlust for catchy, feel-good dance music, over a decade ago. Not many artists have reached those heights in many eyes (or ears), but one of the more recent and promising duos to step up to the plate are Lemaitre. With their own take on inoffensive, infectious electro-house they stand as an opposingly optimistic force against the ever obscure and experimental world of electronic music. Short, sharp bursts of electronics and prevalent drum beats lay themselves over this, allowing tracks to smoothly shift between calm, vocal-led interludes and mad spurts of energy. As much as there’s traces of Justice, Daft Punk, Kavinsky and even Phoenix, I would like to see what this Norwegian duo would come up with next. So far, their music keeps me on my toes.

2 years ago